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Malachite kingfisher (Alcedo cristata)

Grace in flight - a grey heron comes in to land

A flutter of quelea, Elandsberg Nature Reserve

A Cape Robin under a mulberry tree, Mariana's Stanford - DSC_5151163

Takeoff and landing - redwing starlings, Kalk Bay

A red bishop in a spring vineyard, Excelsior Estate, Robertson

L’Avenir’s resident grey heron surveys his domain - DSC_5149743

A pelican glides past cattle drinking at a Durbanville dam - DSC_5145391

A sunbird enjoying a wilde dagga sundowner near the Heads, Knysna - DSC_5142439

Wagtail, Knysna Heads - DSC_5144124

African spoonbill, near Knysna Heads - DSC_5142335

Grey Heron, Knysna lagoon - DSC_5142344

A skein of Cormorants, The Wilderness - DSC_5143896

Fiscal shrike pair (Lanius collaris) - DSC_5143702

 Fiscal Shrike (Lanius collaris), The Wilderness - DSC_5143695

Three Banded Plover, Knysna - DSC_5142315

Britannia Bay’s cormorant Fleet Air Arm squadron coming in to land -DSC_4027125

A white-fronted plover running from the surf on The Wilderness beach - DSC_5143892

A grey heron and a gull in a company of Cormorants, Britannia Bay -DSC_4027104

A black backed gull enjoying a crab breakfast, Britannia Bay 

Cape Sugarbird (Promerops cafer) - taken at Constantia Glen DSC_4025310

A Cape White eye takes a bath and gives a Cape Canary a shower - Photographed in the courtyard at Marc’s Restaurant in Paarl DSC_4023595

An olive thrush at Angala DSC_4026189

A Cape weaver contemplates an evening plunge DSC_4026135

 Cape Grassbird or Cape Grass Warbler (Sphenoeacus afer)

DSC_5137508 Cape Wagtail (Motacilla capensis)

Black-backed Gull or Kelp Gull (Larus dominicanus) 

 Southern double-collared sunbird hen (Cinnyris chalybeus) on a King Protea (Protea cynaroides)

Malachite Sunbird (Nectarinia famosa) 

 DSC_5114678 A weaver couple inspecting the new nest he has just built

"I told you I wanted a second bathroom!"

DSC_5115467 Buitenverwachting's spotted eagle owl 

DSC_5102917 Grey heron taking off from a tree top 

 DSC_5102893  Wading Grey Heron

 DSC_5102483 Grey heron taking off, Umgeni estuary

DSC_5102523  Wading Grey Herons 

DSC_5111980 Grey Heron on quayside, Port Alfred

 DSC_5111973  Grey Heron

DSC_403561  Flying Grey Heron 

DSC_5102853 African Spoonbills feeding 

DSC_5102854  African Spoonbills 

DSC_5102876  African Spoonbills 

 DSC_5102883   African Spoonbill

 DSC_5103859  Cape Weaver cock building his nest

DSC_404321  Nest-building Cape Weaver 

 DSC_5106660  Malachite Sunbird with white agapanthus in evening light

 DSC_5104720  Female Southern Double-collared Sunbird

DSC_415023    Southern double-collared sunbird hen 

DSC_415021   Southern double-collared sunbird hen 

DSC_415020  Southern double-collared sunbird hen 

DSC_414317  Southern Double-collared Sunbird 

DSC_5103507  Red eye dove in the rain 

DSC_407165  Finch 

DSC_407266  Hornbill 

DSC_407141  Hornbill, Kruger National Park

 DSC_415957  Nesting Owl

DSC_419012   Blue Cranes 

DSC_417291  European Starling 

DSC_407159  Glossy Starling pair 

DSC_407157  Glossy Starling 

DSC_407135  Glossy Starling in a tree 

 DSC_400783  Redwing starling

DSC_407254  Burchell's Coucal  

DSC_407251  Burchell's Coucal  

DSC_407120  Burchell's Coucal 

DSC_406821  African Penguin couple 

DSC_406818  African Penguin sunbathing 

DSC_406807  Swimming pair of African Penguins 

DSC_406768  African Penguin portrait 

DSC_405871 Grooming African Penguins 

DSC_405860  African Penguin pair 

 DSC_5112017   Black backed gull

DSC_414997  Black backed gulls 

DSC_5111460  Gulls and waves in a winter storm 

DSC_5108167  Surfing Hartlaub's gull 

DSC_5101531  Hartlaub's gull in flight 

DSC_5101590  Hartlaub's Gull, Sea Point beachfront 

 DSC_412964  Two Hartlaub's Gulls taking off

DSC_412952  Hartlaub's Gull, landing 

 DSC_412521  Seagull and sunset clouds

DSC_405845  Hartlaub's Gulls 

DSC_403545  Hartlaub's gull 

 DSC_402242  Seagulls in a sunset storm

 DSC_418387  Young Cormorant

DSC_403535  Landing cormorant 

 DSC_5107230  Two Peahens, Vergelegen

DSC_404523  Peacock, Morgenhof 

 DSC_403769  Francolin and spring flowers

DSC_401099  Hadeda Ibis

 DSC_411248  Hadeda Ibis on a roof, silhouetted against the sunset

DSC_5102827  Sacred Ibis 

DSC_400777 Ostrich cock

DSC_400776 Ostrich hens

DSC_5102728  Egyptian Geese 

DSC_5102822  Spurwing Goose and Hadedas 

DSC_403039  Black Swans 

DSC_401958  Mallard 

DSC_401512  Formation ducks